Thursday, August 19, 2010

SAN DIEGO+CABIN=vacation from school for mommy!!!

Oh yeah.....and Austin is crawling and trying to walk!!
So, nursing school finished up for the summer for a short 3 week break until block 3 starts we decided to go visit dustins cousins in San Diego for a week.  We had such a great time...We hit up a Padres game, shopped at the surf shops, laid on the beach, and tried to relax.  Although, we found the relaxing part tougher than it use to be now that we have a baby to take with us.  Oh well, it was an experience and Austin sure had fun at the beach.  We went straight to the Lucchesi cabin after we got home because Dustin has his archery bull elk hunt in a few weeks and wanted to check out the elk in his area.  We enjoy going up there anytime to get out of the 110 degree heat here.  Here are a few pics for ya to see.

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Ben and Jen McDowell said...

Is the baby gate working?? He looks so big, you need to bring him up here!! Still jealous you went to the beach. Have fun with school again.

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